Summer fun activities for all ages!

Dock Day

Chalk Art Contest!

The winners!

Free Hot Dogs and Ice Cream for all!

Kid's Craft Day~Selected Saturdays at 11 am in the park~

Ta Da!  A great time was had by all!!

Happy Halloween in June!

It's "Ghosts and Goblins" wandering around the park. Not only the kids but even a few adults are masquerading in unique costumes. After breaking the holiday Pinta the kids gather all their candy and prizes and its off to trick-or-treat throughout the park. Scattered along the road is a line of beach chairs occupied with enthusiastic spectators holding bowls of candy. Many of the patrons even decorate for the holiday and of course, try to outdo each other.

Fishing Contest in July

We all hear the horn blow early in the morning, as the eager fisherman sit in their boats waiting for the start of our annual fishing contest. Our contest is held the 4th of July weekend and includes all ages from 1 to 99 years old. The fish are measured, the cameras flash and prizes are awarded in several categories including the smallest fish caught. It's a lot of hard work that is later rewarded with a Hot Dog and Ice Cream cone for all. And the evening ends with the annual BSL boat parade at 7:30 P.M. and the BSL Association's awesome fireworks display at dusk. Bring your chair or blanket and sit along the lakefront for the best seat to watch.

Fourth of July Weekend Pig Roast

Big thanks to Fred, Kerry, and Robbie for roasting and carving our hog!  It sure was yummy!  Special thanks to all the other servers and workers who made this years' event such a success!  We all appreciate you guys!

Annual Christmas in the Park

You would think Santa would be too busy making toys for Christmas in December, to make it to our celebration in July, but he does!! Every child that visits Santa receives a present from Santa's Bag. There are games to play and carols to sing, as we all get into the spirit of the holiday. The evening brings pleasant strolling by all the decorated trailers scattered throughout the park. The most dynamic displays are awarded prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best presentation.

And Caroling at night!  Awesome fun!

Annual Golf Outing
Our annual golf outing is a fun day of getting together with friends old and new. You never know who your partner is going to on the links and then back to the park for a pot luck of great food..and prizes. Then a lot of talk about who hit the best or worst ball around the many fires.

Kids Day in August

The most anticipated event of the year happens on Kids Day. There are goodies galore with popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy and smiles. The real live horses patiently wait as the next anxious child jumps in the saddle for a nice stroll along the parks tree line. There are so many events it is hard to choose, the inflatable moonwalks, the dunk tank, a slippy slidey maze and a race track entice all. The day ends with a picnic in the park for all the kids.. The parents quietly enjoy the evening as their exhausted children slumber after a day to remember.

Year End Party
It is bitter sweet to end the year. We all knew paradise could not last forever but we could dream. We gather, one and all, to enjoy a scrumptious meal with the new friends we have made this year. The evening will end with an enthusiastic DJ who keeps all the participants on their feet dancing. Dad gets to dance with his daughter, Mom gets to dance with her son, then Dad cuts in and steals Mom away as the music slows down. We reminisce about the joy we had this summer and fall exhausted into our beds.

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